Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Justin and Bethany

We were married on January 3rd. God blessed us with a gorgeous day and a beautiful wedding.

We spent our honeymoon touring New England.

I have thoroughly enjoyed living everyday life with my wonderful husband. We have so much fun together skiing, playing games, setting up house, and just being newlyweds!

Last week Justin took me to visit the Portland Head Lighthouse where we were engaged almost a year ago. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time reminiscing.

We have spent the past three months house sitting for some relatives while they were in Florida. We are currently at Mom and Dad's for about 3 weeks while we get our next home ready. We had an uncle offer his summer camp to us but we had to wait for the ice to melt so that we could get the pipes in the lake. For now we are thoroughly enjoying our time with the family.

We have also found out that we are expecting Baby Horsman! We are very excited about this little one and look forward to it's arrival around October 25th.

Leigha Christine

Our Leigha came home for about a month and a half for the wedding. It was such a blessing to have her home.

She was a huge help getting ready for the wedding and did a beautiful job on my hair.

I was so blessed to have her as my maid of honor.

After Justin and I left for our honeymoon Leigha and the rest of the kids enjoyed some great ice skating with the bridesmaids who were still here for a few days.

On January 20th Leigha flew back to India and will be there until the first of June. This particular trip has been a lot more difficult for her than others in the past because she has had some major health struggles. There have been a lot of people praying for her and the Lord has graciously blessed her with complete healing. We miss our fun-loving sister, and friend but we have all been so excited to see what the Lord has been doing through her to further His work.

Zachary Isaac

So where is Zach these days? He is actually in India!

He is living just a few houses down from Leigha and working in the boys' hostel (a christian boarding school.) He left on March 20th and will be there until Leigha comes home in June. Leigha is thrilled to have him there and they are really enjoying working together.

Zach tends to be more on the quiet side, but he is a lot of fun. He has a real heart for animals and loves his cat Tigger.

He loves photography and is always looking for new things that he can learn to make his pictures better. He was quite disappointed that he couldn't take his big camera with him to India!

We miss you Zach!

Caleb Daniel

Caleb just turned 17 and has grown into a sharp young man.

He is quite thrilled to be taller than Dad now!

He loves sports and spends a lot of time with his younger siblings.

Caleb is working hard on his high school courses and talks of wanting to go into law enforcement.

He is our resident comedian and keeps us all in stitches!

Hannah Corinne

Hannah is now 13 and growing into a beautiful young lady.

She is the only girl left at home now and is a huge help to Mom.

She loves playing the piano and has started to accompany the congregational singing at church.

She is a real joy to have in our family!

Josiah David

Our Josiah David is growing like a weed.

He is very much an outdoors boy and is absolutely loving this spring weather.

He has really excelled with his trumpet...

...and loves to play with his siblings.

Asa Michael

Asa is our quiet little thinker with a warm smile.

He loves to play with his friends and is an avid Red Soxs fan!

Little brother Levi is his buddy.

He is working hard on his handwriting, but his favorite thing to do is...


Monday, April 13, 2009

Levi Robert

Levi the rascal!

Yes, Levi is now 5!

He is our busy little bee who never stays in one place for long.

Levi loves music. He has just started taking piano lessons and thoroughly enjoys it. He is learning his notes in this picture!