Monday, October 31, 2011

Levi is growing up!

Levi lost his first tooth last week, and he was very excited!
Everyone his age and had already been losing their teeth,
and he was beginning to feel left out.
But then it happened!

A close up of the vacancy...A thrilling adventure!

Hannah's first shot!

Little Annie Oakley got her
first Canadian goose.
One of the advantages of
living on a lake :)

She got a lot of practice on her brothers'
ducks and geese.
Now for her own.

The Hunter!

It didn't take him long to do something useful
with his gun!

The kill...

He was a happy man!

Birthday Party...

Asa chose to have apple crisp and blueberry crisp
for his birthday "cake".

And just to let you know, I did my best to catch a
smile, but Asa has a very contemplative personality...

Josiah got him some international coffee...

Grammy Moody got this game for Bethany and Justin one
year and they taught it to us. It has been a favorite and
now we have our own...or Asa has his own!

Swivel was introduced to us by Uncle Dave and
Aunt Amber and has fast become one of our favorites.

Gram Beck got him a new Moody's Diner sweatshirt.
And yes, he does like moxie...
In case you don't know, moxie is a Maine-made soda that
to some of us tastes like medicine!
It is one of those things that you either love, or you hate!

He is opening a package of BB's...

Can you guess???

Hooray! He got his first BB gun!


Mr. Asa Reed tuned the big 10 on October 11.
Traditionally Mom makes us a birthday breakfast, typically
pancakes or waffles with ice cream and a candle.

This time she put chocolate chips on the top...mmm!

Levi was content to have a few
chocolate chips on his too.

Josiah, Asa, Levi, Aunt Amber, Grammy Moody, and myself
were able to go apple picking several weeks ago...
I didn't take many pictures, but at least we have a couple
of visual memories!