Saturday, September 26, 2009


I thought about taking a picture of our score card and posting that too, but my results from the fourth hole changed my mind.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trip to India

Leigha and I went with the youth group on a picnic down the river.

On our way back home.

Tea garden.

Leigha and I with Thomas and Gracie

Here I am trying to teach some of the boys how to play basketball. They were much better at soccer.

Going to the fish market

They might not look like they wanted me to take their picture, but they really did ask me to.

Yes those are string beans.

We took a trip to Jaffirbond for Uncle Sana's father's birthday, and we happened to see an elephant on the way.

It was his 91st birthday!

I was attempting to shoot a squirrel.

No I didn't shoot it.

And yes I did eat it.

A farmer was having problems with monkeys getting into his egg plant crop and destroying the egg plants. So Uncle Sana and I went to see if we could dispose of some of them. We never did see them.

One of the classes I was a substitute teacher in.

There was a really bad storm that did a lot of damage to the hostel kitchen.

I was really wishing for a post hole digger at that point.

Some of the boys from the hostel.

Leigha teaching the girls hostel a song.

The boys hostel.

The hostels had a game night so Leigha taught them how to play "pin the tail on the donkey."

There was a meal afterwards. During that meal I had my first chili. Now if you want to experience your ears burning, sweating profusely, and your mouth being on fire you should try an Indian chili.

Uncle Sana was having a Sunday school teachers meeting. They were going talking about the tabernacle.

Chapel for classes 7-10.

Boys Hostel

Girls Hostel

Emmanuel Hostel Pailapool, India

On our way to Shilong.

Farewell Party!