Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How beautiful the feet...

Romans 10:15-
...How beautiful are the feet of them that
preach the gospel of peace,
and bring glad tidings of good things!

Last Friday we had a home-school activity with some families
from our church, and Mom was the one in charge of this
activity. Everyone was supposed to read a missionary biography
and write a book report on it as well as dress in character or
bring a prop. Josiah, Asa, Levi and I all dressed up...most of us
enjoyed it...most. (Can you guess????)

Mom made foot cookies with "Beautiful" and "Feet"
written on them. They turned out very pretty!

Levi was David Brainerd, missionary to the
American Indians.

Asa was David Livingstone, missionary to Africa.

Josiah was William Borden, influential Yale student
and brief missionary to Egypt.

Hannah (me) was Isobel Kuhn, missionary first
to the Lisu people of China and later in Thailand.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Brutus the Bull!

Back in the fall Dad and a friend of ours bought a bull. He was
dubbed Brutus. After he did what he was bought for, we butchered him.
Dad and Josiah went to our friend's house to enjoy the process.

Brutus was a big boy!

Dad used a saws-all for some of the cutting.

Josiah said the worse part was that the meat was frozen
and all he had on his hands were latex gloves.

It took them all day to cut up the meat, and when they got
home around 8:00 P.M. Mom, Gram, Asa, Dad, Josiah and I all
packaged meat until 12:00 or so! It was a long night!

So far we have really enjoyed the meat and the fact that
it is "home grown."

Chicken Experience...and Turkeys!

This past summer we raised turkeys and several different batches
of chickens: specially-bred meat birds, scrawny Rhode Island red (both
for meat birds), and laying hens (these primarily Rhode Island red as well).

We used chicken tractors to allow them to move each day to a new
plot of grass. It was a neat experience for us all.

Josiah, Asa and Levi moving the turkeys.

It was fascinating to see how big those toms got
when they felt they had to show off.

Poor thing! His tail wasn't very impressive!

Here's our Rhode Island reds that we raised for meat.

Dear Einstein! Yes that is his name...crazy hairdo!
Einstein came with the Rhode Island reds and was labeled
as an "exotic chick". When we had the other roosters slaughtered,
we couldn't bear to lose him...so he is still with us!