Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hurray! Zach is home!!!!

Zach graduated from the International ALERT Academy's basic training program on Friday. We are all so very proud of him and thrilled to see what God has been doing in his life over the last 9 weeks. Zach will be home until the beginning of January and Lord willing he will head back to TX at that time for further training.

When we arrived in Big Sandy we were not allowed to have any contact with Zach until after his graduation late that afternoon. However, we were allowed to observe him as the young men demonstrated some of the skills that they had learned during their training. Here are a few pictures from those events. Enjoy!


Micaela said...

Congratulations to Zack for coming home!! Joanna sent me to look at your blog! its cool! I will see you all hopefully on Sunday morning!

Micaela said...

oops sorry for spelling his name wrong :0