Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Official Courtship Pictures!


Kaity McDonnell said...


I know you have not met me, but my children have corresponded with you and your sister over several years now, I believe.

They shared the blog post with me too.

I am SO happy for you and how the Lord has given you the desire of your heart...and even as specific as your desire for something to happen at Christmas time!

Praise the Lord for His perfect timing. God bless you and your family.

Mrs. Elaine McDonnell

Kaity McDonnell said...

And, God bless Justin too!
Mrs. McDonnell

Bethany said...

Thank you Mrs. McDonnell! Our God is so wonderful!

Justin Horsman said...

Now that's one pretty gal if I do say so myself!!

Micaela said...

She is a pretty girl! I Agree!!! I'm so happy for you Bethany, you have been a great Sunday School Teacher, and I learned a lot from you, its sad your leaving, but its good your leaving to do the will of God, hope you enjoy your trip!