Sunday, March 16, 2008

How did I miss this?!!

One of the really neat things God allowed me to do while here in Asia was to have my wedding dress made!!!!!!! Of course I can’t show you any pictures because I don’t want a certain someone :-D to see them, but here are some pictures of the “process.” I found a picture online of a wedding dress that I really liked, and then I printed off the picture and took it to the tailor. He didn’t have the material that I wanted so he took me through the market and we picked out each individual piece. My dad and Birch (Connie Champeon's husband and one of the team leaders/his dad pastored the church I grew up in and he is really good with this kind of thing!)went along. Dad took some pictures while Birch helped me pick out the material and try to communicate with the tailor. I am so excited with how it came out! I certainly never envisioned myself hand picking the materials for my wedding dress in an Asian market!

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Justin Horsman said...

hmmmm, sounds like it looks pretty good on this special someone from what I've heard :-D