Friday, June 6, 2008

Bethany did an awesome job cooking for all 13 of us and also helping out by coloring pictures for the Bible Story books!

Drying dishes...because of the water condition we had to make sure we got every drop of water. Believe can take a loooong time to dry dishes for 13 people!

Writing home...


Jack McDonnell said...

Pretty interesting, in the "Writing Home" pic, Bethany is using a laptop exactly like mine (HP Pavillion) and Leigha is using one exactly like my bros. (Dell Inspiron...Rick)

Looks like you guys got a lot accomplished over there. I guess the Lord blessed!

Jack McDonnell

Leigha Christine said...

The Lord was very gracious to us and blessed us abundantly! We are still amazed with the opportunities that the Lord gave us to serve Him. :-)