Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Clark family came over for dinner, and celebrated Levi's birthday with us.
Levi and Asa love having Lincoln(center) around to play with.

That is what you call "double dipping"!

We ate buffet style!

I couldn't find a picture where Asa, Levi and Josiah are not making faces!

The presents begin!

Levi loves his new UNO cards, but he doesn't want anyone to play with
them because he doesn't want them to get ruined! At least he is taking
care of them!

Levi is the king of yogurt in our family! If he had the chance, he would
eat yogurt and granola three meals a day, every day!

Nice shades! I love the nose piece!

Glow-in-the-dark silly putty! It is pretty cool!


It's a cap gun!

You've got to love the clothes!

Everybody enjoys the gifts!

A camping lantern like his brothers'.

His first Bible! He was thrilled.

If that is a mummy sleeping bag, what does that make him?

Levi requested a cake like Bethany's wedding cake. He got it...sort of!'ve got to lick those candles!

No, Asa didn't really lick the ice cream.


We love you Levi! Constantly we thank the Lord for allowing you to be a
part of our big family!

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