Saturday, March 31, 2012

On the Ferry To Vinalhaven...

Vinalhaven is one of the largest islands on the coast of Maine. It's about
fourteen miles long. We have had the opportunity to visit the island many times
over the last year to fill in at a couple of churches. This last trip I took some
time to take a few pictures. It was a little rainy,...windy,...and cold!

Asa and Levi enduring the cold for the picture! (Levi had
previously been hiding his face in his coat. :)

Passing the other ferry halfway through the
voyage...which is about and hour and fifteen minutes.

Owl's Head Lighthouse

This is the Rockland breakwater, a 7/8 of a mile walk.

All of the stone for breakwater was quarried on Vinalhaven.

I love Maine!

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Abigail Sikma said...

Nice pictures, Hannah. The picture of the Rockland breakwater is especially pretty. I'd love to visit Maine some time!