Monday, May 21, 2012

Belated Mother's Day!

I want to say first of all, Mom, you are Blessed!  Every time circumstances
 place me in charge of the house it amazes me how many things you
are constantly thinking about!  There's the laundry, meals, cleanup from meals,
bedtime, cleaning...and I don't even think about school!  I am so thankful
that God generally gives one or two children at a time!  Anyway...Thank you so much
Mom, and I am sure that I won't fully appreciate you until I become a mom.

Mom's breakfast that was supposed to be eaten
 in bed, but she got up to answer the door...and it was easier
to eat sitting in her chair. :) 

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Abigail Sikma said...

Looks delicious! Hope your mothers' day was special, Mrs. Reed!